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Flour Farm Organic Gluten Free Flour Blend is an all purpose flour that is USDA Organic, Certified Gluten-free, Verified Non-GMO, Halal and Kosher without added dairy, soy, gums, and sugar and contains no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. This product is blended and packaged for retail in the USA. This product is available in single pouch 30 oz BPA-free, recyclable stand up bag with zipper closure.

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Free GF Recipes

Flour Farm has hundreds of delicious tried and tested gluten free recipes. We took the guess work out of successful gluten free entertaining for your family and friends. Visit our main recipe page to find tutorials on how to use Flour Farm Organic Gluten Free Flour Blend as well as easy to make recipes. We’re here to support you!

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15 reviews for Single Pouch – Flour Farm Organic Gluten Free Flour

  1. H.J Amazon Review

    FLOUR.FARM is the best gluten free flour EVER! ( I’ve spent time and money on other gluten free recipes only to end up giving it to the chickens, which by the way even they would not eat it.) Using FLOUR.FARM recipes– I have made cookies, pancakes, muffins, pizza dough, pie crust and today it was cornbread. Not one crumb was wasted. I enjoy baking once more, since I have fibromyalgia I stopped cooking with gluten. Another plus is that it is all ORGANIC- which to me means NO chemicals equals NO pain. A BIG THANK YOU to the people that made this flour! I just ordered 2 more bags. If it was on subscribe and save it would be on my list. Once again Thank you!

  2. RK Amazon Review

    Almost gone through the first bag of this wonderful gluten-free flour. Love the organic ingredients (and what’s not in it). It has a very fine mill to it and works great for everything I’ve tried so far (pancakes and cookies). I’ve made several batches of pumpkin pancakes using a recipe I found on the Flour Farm website… absolutely the best pancakes I’ve made so far using gluten-free flours. I believe it’s their flour formula that gives it superior flavor and results in baking and griddling. This flour is a keeper!

  3. LB Amazon Review

    Best. GF. Flour. Ever.
    I am over the moon about this flour! I was an avid baker before I found out I am severely allergic to gluten and because of crummy outcomes I haven’t baked very much. This flour has changed my mind! It’s beyond splendid in everything I’ve made from banana pancakes to pie crust.

  4. M Amazon Review

    Very nice flour, wish was more of a competitive price.

  5. Isaac Amazon Review

    Very good flour just very expensive but very good quality!

  6. TB Amazon Review

    Being gluten-free for several years, it’s very very difficult to find a GF blend that’s A) truly all-purpose and B) organic. Namaste is a popular organic blend BUT it contains thickeners… Oh man, and that Namaste tastes HORRIBLE. Dense and bland. You’re never lacking in the flavor department when cooking/baking with Flour Farm. Find a flour that makes you grateful to be GF. This one will do just that for you! Truly amazing! (Side note: I wish that the seal closed properly, it’s like a ziplock but it makes a mess and I have to use a chip-clip for this reason, but that certainly wouldn’t prevent me from buying this forever, ha!)

  7. Jb Amazon Review

    Does not bake well

  8. B Amazon Review

    I Make gluten free waffles with this flour. Gluten free waffles aren’t that great tasting to me so When I make my waffles I add one mashed up banana and chia seeds. The waffles come out softer but it tastes so much better, I eat it with fried eggs on top and some maple syrup

  9. T Amazon Review

    1/4 cup of flour is 110 calories–identical to all purpose flour. The ingredients are pure: it’s all organic with rice flour, with brown rice flour, tapioca flour, almond flour, coconut flour. The combination of different flours makes for a chewy, fluffy mouthfeel very similar to wheat flour. Taste wise, it’s virtually indistinguishable; if I had to say there was a difference, it’d be a faint pleasant nuttiness from the almond and coconut flour.

    I don’t have coeliac disease, but I’ve got psoriasis and there’s a definite connection between what I eat and how my rashes are–my skin gets more inflamed and itchy when I eat dairy or gluten, and I get mild stomach cramps. I decided to try going gluten free to see if it would improve my autoimmune symptoms. The fact that it’s organic is another bonus.

    They’ve got a website with tons of recipes; I looked for a waffle recipe and winged my own simpler version out of their ‘Delicious Gluten Free Waffles’ recipe–1 egg, 1 cup flour, 1 T oil, a little sugar and a pinch of salt, 1 tsp baking powder, and enough milk to get the right consistency. As you can see in my pics, my waffles turned out perfectly fluffy and chewy on the inside, literally indistinguishable from all purpose flour.

    The only downside I can think of is the ziploc seal on the packaging.. It’s really tiny and thin, and no matter what I did I couldn’t get it to close properly. So I just rolled it up and clipped it. Not a huge deal, regular all purpose flour doesn’t have a ziploc seal either.

  10. Sam Amazon Review

    Not only does this product make for the best GF pancakes/waffles, it is also a high quality blend that elevates the GF game. Flour Farm’s use of high quality ingredients really makes the difference for me. Thanks Flour Farm for creating a space to learn and try new things!

    P.S: As someone who is new to the GF world, I had some difficulty finding and understanding some of the other ingredients used in some recipes. I found the Flour Farm Website to be a helpful resource here as there are pages of explanations for ingredients I had never heard of before. Still, if you’re starting out like I am and don’t want to commit to all the fibers and gums etc… I recommend beginning with something like the pancakes. They are foolproof and amazing!!!

  11. Idahoan Amazon Review

    I love this flour. I don’t have to eat gluten free, but this flour makes you want to. My homemade pizza dough and artisan bread came out great. This added an additional nutty flavor which I enjoy. I would recommend that if you are using it just for the flavor and not for an allergy that you use 1 part this flour and 2 parts regular all-purpose flour.

  12. Groove Amazon Review

    I’m a guy who doesn’t really bake but this made the best darn pancakes. 😋 I’ll be trying some of the recipes they have available in the near future.

  13. AO Amazon Review

    A little expensive, but works great as a gf flour substitute!

  14. LS Amazon Review

    Just ok. Kind of pricey for what it is.

  15. Wendy

    I tried GF flour farm and make Grandma’s Dinner Rolls. They came out sooooooo moist, soft, tender and delicious! I made two batches just in case the first batch didn’t come out right. Both batches came out PERFECT!! I had to check the package several times to make sure it was GF four it was that good!! The recipe was super easy to follow! I can’t wait to make more recipes with this great flour!

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