Flour Farm was born in a restaurant where only the delicious survive.

We believe food should taste amazing AND be healthy, chemical free, and full of integrity.

We want to know where our food is coming from. It’s important to know how food affects the people who grow it, who eat it, and how it affects the behavior of our children. We also want to know how the growing and distribution process affects the planet. 

We spent years testing recipes and blind tasting products using restaurant sales as our proof of deliciousness; more years securing the ethically grown, quality, certified ingredients, (yes, we visit the farms); and even more years building a solid team to manufacture, distribute and market. Finally, we are here to share our simple 5-ingredient blend along with free yummy GF recipes so you can create your own deliciousness.

For us, food is a gift of love, and we are committed to bringing this gift to you with integrity.

Love In = Love Out.

When we eat healthy, we live healthy 

Share the love. Teri and Dave