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Newest Recipes using Flour Farm

Holly J – Amazon Verified Purchaser

FLOUR.FARM is the best gluten free flour EVER! ( I’ve spent time and money on other gluten free recipes only to end up giving it to the chickens, which by the way even they would not eat it.) Using FLOUR.FARM recipes– I have made cookies, pancakes, muffins, pizza dough, pie crust and today it was…

Happy FF User

Best. GF. Flour. Ever. I am over the moon about this flour! I was an avid baker before I found out I am severely allergic to gluten and because of crummy outcomes I haven’t baked very much. This flour has changed my mind! It’s beyond splendid in everything I’ve made from banana pancakes to pie…

Tricia Carlton

This was the best flour! So easy to work with. Makes the best waffles and chocolate chip cookies my family’s tasted…(and my daughter is a picky eater!) Will not buy any other flour…ever.

Dana Brown

As I have gotten older, I find that I am more sensitive to gluten so have been looking for a gluten-free flour that bakes like All Purpose Flour. I found it in this product and am so thrilled! I baked zucchini bread from the Flour Farm website and my entire family devoured both loafs! Yay!…

Chris Allen

I’ve been looking for a gluten free flour that offers organic almond and coconut flour mixture for a while. I tried flour farms and loved it. I appreciate all the natural ingredients in this flour. I’ve baked with it and used some recipes off the Flour.Farm website and they are delicious. I will definitely continue…

Amazon Verified Purchaser

My kids are beyond picky eaters and can spot a “healthy” cookie from a mile away and avoid it like the plague. And I personally have never found a gluten free cookie that I liked – they’re usually super puffy and cake-like. So, I decided to try the chocolate chip cookie recipe on the Flour.Farm…

Amazon Verified Purchaser

Yesterday, I used the flour blend for GF vegan donuts that I sell at the local Farmers Market. They were a delicious hit! The baked donuts raised nicely, I (and my customers) didn’t note any grittiness — I do let the batter sit for 30 minutes before baking — and the ratio for wheat flour…

Amber McKenzie

I wanted to let you know your Flour Farm flour arrived, and I made the Wowzie chocolate chip cookies on your website, and they were… Wait for it…. Absolutely AMAZING! My kids (and the neighbor kids) devoured them – even after I reduced the amount of sugar, so that’s something! Very impressive :). Anyway, you…

Barbara Snyder

I purchased your gluten free flour at Vegie Fest and have made pancakes twice from your recipe. We all loved them.. very tasty. I look forward to trying more of your recipes.


How to use Flour Farm

Replace 1 Cup of All Purpose Wheat Flour with
1 Cup + 1.5 T of Flour Farm Gluten Free Flour.


Ours is a simple story that starts with two people – Teri and Dave – who share a passion for each other and for living an active, healthy lifestyle. We each contribute our life experiences to a philosophy we live by both personally and professionally:

Love In = Love Out.

When we eat healthy, we live healthy.

Flour Farm Organic Gluten Free Flour Blend was born in a restaurant where only the delicious survive. We believe food should taste amazing AND be healthy, chemical free, and full of integrity. For us, food is a gift, and we are committed to bringing clean natural and delicious back into the mainstream.

Teri and Dave